The Starting Line


Our engagement photo at TeWinkle Park in Costa Mesa, California.


Our adoption journey started the day my husband and I became engaged.

One night in Orange County, California, Pete proposed to me after taking me out to a fancy dinner at Maestro’s Steakhouse. We had been dating for two years and to be honest, my heart was growing more impatient every day that we were not engaged. I knew that I wanted Pete to marry me, but I felt unsure of Pete’s long-term intentions. I knew he cared for me, the question was how much? Spoiler alert: He cared a lot!


Here is a photo of us on the night of our engagement.


Thankfully, Pete did pop the question. I gratefully said-screamed, “Yes!!!” and proceeded to playfully slap his arm for taking so long to do it while tears of ecstasy and exhilaration streamed down my face.


My engagement ring shot the day after we were engaged.


My heart felt like it was leaping out of my chest with joy! I grabbed and kissed the man I knew would be my husband.

When we returned to the car, I envisioned the beautiful white wedding dress and cathedral I had dreamt of as a girl, skipping down the lane with our children in tow, and growing old with my handsome prince. I blurted out, “I can’t wait to start a family with you!”

My fantasy soon dissolved however when my soon to be husband told me of a different plan he had in mind.

If my heart had been a rocket launching into space, it would have been the Apollo. My dreams of holding children in my arms with my husband quickly evaporated and was replaced with something I was scared to face.

Panic set in as I carefully chose my next words.

“Do you want to have children?” I asked trying not to let my voice quiver.

“I believe God has called me to adopt.” he calmly stated.

He continued to elaborate about his desire to have an interracial family filled with children of all colors. He smiled as he thoughtfully expressed how he wanted his children to feel the love that his parents gave to him and how he wanted to impart to his children that we are all part of God’s family.


A photo from Hawaiian rainbow taken on a trip before my engagement.


While it all sounded so wonderful, I was confused and scared. Although adoption had so many beautiful comparisons to God’s love for His children, it was uncharted territory for me.


But this was the start of a new and beautiful adventure that would take time to develop and unfold.


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  1. arielshanelle says:

    Ooohh okay. Derek Prince also adopted a lot of children and Lisa Harper’s daughter came from another country. Nevertheless, the absolutely love their children and have made such a wonderful difference in the world with their lovingkindness. Go for it! ❤


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