The Story Unfolds

Fast forward nearly one year later, Pete and I married on March 21rst, 2014.

Our first look before the wedding at Balboa Park in San Diego, CA.


After we married, we moved from sunny California to Michigan and purchased our first home.


The photo of our first house before the renovations!


I started teaching Kindergarten in Detroit and Pete began his graduate school for his Doctor of Physical Therapy.


My fellow Kindergarten teachers with TFA in 2014


During the next four years,  Pete and I had our hands full.

There were many busy nights filled with microwave meals and feeling exhausted after a long day’s work. Pete’s school was an hour commute one way. I faced an extensive work schedule that included many hours pouring over teaching methods, activity preparation, and feedback sessions.

But I created a home for us, hoping that one day this cozy house would be a place filled with memories for us and our future family.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sheree says:

    Rejoicing with you both. And know that the waiting period is not an in active. There are many things that God is doing behind the scenes that you do not know. Your waiting time Is also preparing your hearts. God knows the exact time.


    1. Melody says:

      Thanks, Sheree! We are trusting in the Lord and in His perfect timing.


  2. arielshanelle says:

    Hard work truly does pay off. I’m rooting for y’all!


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