Two Countries One Heart

Many people might be curious about why we chose an international adoption instead of going through foster care, a private adoption, or having our own child.

There are many reasons that shaped our opinion of how we wanted to approach the structure of our family such as travel time, finances, wait times, etc.

In the end, this was shaped by the desire to love a child from a different country.

Not to mention, this would present an amazing opportunity to visit my “mother” country!
As a Filipino-American, I take great pride in my culture. I not only enjoy the food, but I have always felt a love and respect for family.


A photo taken during the Filipino-American Festival in Metro Detroit, Michigan

My husband has always valued his independence and has always appreciated the love and care from his parents. To this day, we live only 2 miles from their house and often visit for snacks and conversation. Although my husband and I do not share the same heritage, we have come to love and appreciate our unique differences.

A photo taken at the Royal Oak Public Library showing Pete’s heritage


In addition to being from two different nationalities, we also come from two different states California and Michigan.


Our trip to DC in 2016



Our trip to DC in 2016

In short, we desire that our child grow in love for their culture, customs, and heritage and also appreciate the differences in others.

In the future, we desire to adopt more children from other countries and have the beautiful rainbow representation of God’s diverse family.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. arielshanelle says:

    I absolutely love your plan of adopting from multiple countries. You guys really are a representation of Christ in the earth. You’s are AWESOME!


    1. Melody says:

      Thanks Ariel! We would love to have many different children from different parts of the world.


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