Adoption Update March 2018

Adoption Photos (19 of 55)

These last few months have been super busy and I haven’t been able to write my thoughts down. I’ve been working some long days at work and recently paid my undergrad loans off ( a long-time goal of mine ).

Many people have been curious about the adoption process and how it has been going.

My response is, “Well…it’s going…”

This is kind of where I lead into how the process works and what we are working on.

The adoption process has several stages in it.

  1. Choice of the adoption agency, attorney, or non-agency adoption.
  2. Homestudy ( a long series of articles, reflection papers, and personal documents)
  3. Dossier (international application filled with personal anecdotes, more paperwork, and other requirements)
  4. Matching process ( this is where we can be matched by the ICAB Philippine’s organization that matches Pete and I with what they believe is a “good” match.
  5. Acceptance or denial of match
  6. Eventual pick-up ( if all goes well ) in the Philippines

So if this all sounds foreign to you, don’t worry. It’s pretty foreign to us too.

We are learning through this process about what we want and how much we truly don’t know.

I’m reading books like crazy to figure life out. Right now I have about three that I’m reading on-and-off plus all of the adoption paperwork.

Once we have all of our documents for the home study complete, we can have them reviewed and eventually proceed to the home visit and see if we are up to speed on the second process.

Meanwhile, we are taking some photos in a week or so to add to our dossier.

Why don’t people who get pregnant have to go through this stuff?!!

Anyways, once we have our photos out, we will share more!

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